Surface & Textile Pattern Design

Visualize your design on a real object

Drop your design repeats on the product

Choose a picture, drop your design on the photo and see the result. Take a picture as if you where in a studio with your design on a real product. Nothing is stored on our servers, everything is processed on your computer. Show to your customers, validate your choices, get new ideas and access new markets.

Make a fabric checked and display it on a dress

Tartans, Plaids and fabric checks

Use the fabric module to easily create fabric patterns, display it on an object and download the repeat that you can use in any 2d or 3d software. Make your colorways, create variants easily and use the fabric library. You can modify the fabric by dragging threads and see the result instantaneously.

Make a color palette

Create your color palette online and use it with :

Use case

Fabric software for textile designers

Experienced textile designer and illustrator Floriane Lavrut made a tartan from the sketch to the repeatable pattern into the Fabric application, see video below (swipe).

Visual software for textile designers

Stylist and freelanced designer Apolline Des Fougères graduated from Esmod fasion school too has used the Abstraktion saas software for textile designers to showcase her beautiful polynesian designs.


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